Raising Up the Next Generation

On Monday June 4, 2018 English Ballet Theatre accomplished a new first. Two of our dancers became the first in our organization and in Cambodia to take the initial step towards teacher certification by completing their first exam with the Royal Academy of Dance, one of the world’s most well known and influential dance education and training organisations. The RAD was founded in 1920 to re-invigorate dance teaching within the UK and today has a presence in 85 countries, with 36 offices and approximately 14,000 members worldwide. Vocational training is a crucial part of our vision as it allows us to raise up dancers that have both technical skills AND internationally recognized credentials. This in turn gives each dancer the skills and confidence to move forward in a viable career thereby impacting the arts community and the culture at large. We are incredibly proud of both our dancers. They worked remarkably hard to prepare for their exam and presented with determination and grace. We also are proud of the way they supported and cheered each other on. That kind of passion and community is representative of our shared values at EBTC.