Turn Your Passion Into Action


Although the events of the Khmer Rouge were over 40 years ago, the effects of that time are still evident in all areas of life - from personal relationships to education to a workforce that is still struggling to take their place on the world stage. Skills like critical thinking, creative problem solving and perseverance are vital elements still in development in today’s Khmer society and education system. These same skills can be directly developed through the practice of dance and it is in these areas that we are working to make a difference.  Through your training and expertise as a dance artist and/or educator there is a tremendous opportunity for you to be part of a collaborative process that is dedicated to making an impact on the lives of individuals and communities in Cambodia.



Main involvement - Teaching within the children’s ballet division according to the intern’s skills.  


Additional opportunities - In coordination with EBTC staff, any intern may participate in any of the programs within the community division.


Interaction with Cambodian Culture - For many people who have never been in SE Asia, it can come as quite a shock.  We are committed to helping interns transition and adjust well. There will be ample opportunities to engage with the culture both before arriving and once in country.  There are even opportunities to study language if the intern so desires.


Transitional care and support - Culture shock can be quite exhilaration for some and devastating for others.  EBTC staff will be available throughout the intern’s stay to care and support for them if they exhibit any signs of cultural stress.


Ministry opportunities - Much of what we do at EBTC happens at the intersection of art and faith. As such, our faith informs and underpins our commitment to radical transformation, dignity and inclusion. For those interns who are interested in being involved in ministry either through the khmer or international churches or NGOs , please contact EBTC staff to explore opportunities.


All internships are for a minimum of 6 weeks to 5 months
Expected time commitment - minimum of 20 hours to as much as 35 hours a week depending on both the candidate and the current workload, particularly if there is a performance during their time with us.


If you would like to know more about an internship at English Ballet Theatre Cambodia please contact us and we will send you more information and can answer any questions you have.